Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anak Melayu mesti pandai bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris

After 3 days of interviewing candidates for various positions in a multinational company, I am quiet disappointed as many Malay candidates were not able to impress my international colleagues.

The reason -- poor command of the English Language.

Yes, you can have all the "technical skills" but at the end of the day, if you can't convince a business partner from India who only speaks English and Hindi, then you are out.

And when you are in Senior position, and you can't sell an idea in English, then you are out.

Do I need to go on...?

And we are still debating -- should we teach in English or BM... Can't you see budak Melayu merana in climbing the corporate ladder because their English = BAD.

We want to be global players.

Thanks Mak and Ayah -- you taught me well. Today I am equally good in BM and English. If only more budak Melayu can join me to move up the ladder.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UK ker UKM...yang penting outcome yang hebat

I am so happy.. Fendy has been accepted to do Law at UKM.

Fendy is a star to watch. Mark my words.

All the best Fendy.


I see a big gap in thinking.

Between the 'leaders', the spin-doctors of the leaders, the people who are supposed to listen and creatively 'rewrite' the spin-doctors' plans and also the "balacis yang menurut perintah".

The people are moving to a new destination and the journey has made them smart -- smarter than the people who are supposed to tell them what is "happening around the world".

Now you tell me, how do you create the much needed confidence?

The thought leaders are in demand. Kan?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where are your thought leaders?

I have covered AGMs of political parties, anchored talkshows and current affairs programs regarding politics for many years now.

I have interviewed many famous seasoned politicians and fresh young ones too.

With PRU13 just around the corner, political parties are saying again and again that those who will stand for election this time will be winnable candidates.

I have been studying the names of almost-sure & also potential candidates from both sides.

Yes, there are good ones from both sides but many brilliant ones who have great ideas and the much needed thought leadership are outside of the political parties.

And they have their reasons to stay out...

Some parties have not been able to move as fast as the change in thinking and expectations out there....

Now, how can you be strong when the talent is not in your fold?